Tuesday, April 12, 2005

bowlin' to the Backstreet boys

Had some fun day yesterday (i think) After doing some long-awaited printing and taking crap from officemates who just won't shut up about my 'leave" (wow, you're so galing! Ang lakas mo sa kanila ha! --- geez!) i had to rush to the new branch to do some work negotiations with a scheduled installation gone awry.

Why, of all things, can't people give you decent and sufficient information? The planned installation resulted in fumes not suitable for our customers, hence, the need for a later sked. After much (and somewhat heated) arguments with the AE,i managed to get them to install on a later time that day to meet the next day deadline. *sheesh* They never said anything about sh*t like this when i signed up. GAWD.

I couldn't stay long since i promised Jason and Melissa we'll meet up in Eastwood, but i was a little edgy leaving the place without any assurances that everything will be ok. Thank goodness for Mary! She and i were able to catch up and dish on some recent happenings, as well as mull over some pretty interesting stuff. I missed her!

Caught a ride with her and her best friend (with her cutie kid!) goiong back to QC. They very nicely dropped me off at Eastwood (thank you again!) so it was sans the traffic (we took C5) and the money spent on cabfare. Once there, i practically raced to Sumthin' Fishy, where Jason and Melissa were starting off dinner. (The food's great, btw!)

It's more of catching up with us three, since we haven't seen Mel for ages (it seems). Once filled, we headed up to Paeng's for some bowling -- yup, that's right! It was our first time to try out the bowling center, and it was really pretty --- hot colored balls and clean lanes, what more can you ask for? Had a smashing game with "WooChile" and "Mel the Pin Slayah", and lovin' the graphics! :-) The music was awesome too, though it's kinda weird bowlin' to Goldfinger. Then again, it's waay better than listening to Backstreet Boyz. hehe.

Topped the night off with some cake and vcd. Yum.

+ + +

i wonder what i may have done to tick you off. I'm sorry? please?

+ + +

Dear God, please, please, PLEASE let me pass. thank you. Amen.

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